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Carolina and Luca Faccenda is the likeable couple behind the Azienda Agricola Valfaccendawhich is located in Roero, Piedmont.

The beautiful hills, called "Rocche del Roero", are full of fossils from the time when the area was covered by the sea. They provide the rich, mineral soil for the vines: Arneis and Nebbiolo.

Their winemaking process is based on the idea of "Listening and waiting"which means total respect for the natural process in which human intervention must be kept to a minimum.

The ancient composition of the soil and Carolina and Luca's innate sense of time are reflected in wines of extreme Elegance and balance reflected. It combines the warm cosiness of an autumn evening in front of the fireplace with a vibrant, rustic tension - an echo of age-old peasant wisdom.