Olissea Olio Extravergine di Oliva 2020 500ml – Calafata


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Olissea Olio Extravergine di Oliva 2020 500ml - Calafata


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Update 11.05.2021

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Tuscany is considered the northern fringe of Italian olive oil production. Due to the cool winters, it happens from time to time that the olive growers experience enormous losses due to severe frost damage. In the negative sense, infamous winters were 1956 and 1985, in which 80% of the tree population was destroyed in each case. In February 2018, this happened again for some varieties in cooler olive groves. As a result of these cuts, Tuscany's olive trees are significantly smaller and younger on average when compared to southern Italy. Accordingly, the productivity of the trees is also lower and is currently at 1 litre per tree in Tuscany. Consequently, the production costs increase.
Calafata is not a simple winery. It is a social project and a catchment basin for the socially disadvantaged or marginalized. Thus, one can also expect political statements here. On the back label as well as on the cork you can find "make wine not war" and "in ground we trust". Clear statements. Besides wine, they are also dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables and olives.
After all, they have seven hectares of olive trees. This extra virgin olive oil called Olissea comes from the hills of Valgiano at 150 meters above sea level. On an area of 3.5 hectares there are 1000 olive trees planted. The cuvée is composed of the regionally typical varieties Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino. The cultivation is organic and sustainable. Frantoio and Leccino are the most important olive varieties in Italy. Frantoio each brings a fruity aroma and long aftertaste. Leccino is more delicate in flavor and is often blended with other varieties. Moraiolo stands for an intense green colour and bitterness on the palate. This used to be one of the most important varieties, but is extremely susceptible to frost, so it has lost its rank. Last but not least, the high-yielding Pendolino variety brings almondy aromas as well as a delicate bitterness to this cuvee.


Brilliant golden yellow, green reflections, slight cloudiness


The Olissea Extra Vergine is clear on the nose, with bright and clean fruit. The aromatic picture stands out green, grassy, fresh and animating. Wet grass, a little green pepper and garden cress as well as freshly grated lime can be detected. Fennel and some warm artichoke also emerge in the background. It promises a light spiciness by the notes of ground pepper as well as some oregano.


The cuvée from four olive varieties shows itself round and soft. Like nectar it flows over the palate and conveys a heat-transferring density. A slight sharpness sounds, but is buffered by fruit sweetness and the wonderfully soft mouthfeel. The green aromatics are reflected as previously perceived. In the aftertaste it shows more spice and loses a bit of the fresh character. Clearly sharper and spicier it flows into a long finish with discreet sweetness and pleasant bitterness.

Food recommendations from Marian Henß

  • Veal tartare with cress emulsion and roasted pine nuts
  • Fried grouper with escabeche vegetables
  • Gazpacho of beetroot and tomatoes with parsley
    (Vegetable & Vegetarian)






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Agricola Calafata, Società Cooperativa Agricola Sociale, Piazzale Arrigoni 2, 55100 Lucca /Italy


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