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The Agricola Calafata from Lucca is a social agricultural cooperative that aims to offer socially disadvantaged people a new perspective.

The name comes from the Kalafatians (ship sealers) who, with their knowledge, a rope and some bad luck, were able to build safe and watertight boats.

Agricola Calafata is an idea that brings many people around the table. There are different tasks in the field of social promotion, agriculture and breeding, communication, tourism, trade, alternative economic cycles. Everyone contributes with their time and expertise to make the idea of a cooperative more effective, more diverse and more beautiful in every detail.

The vineyards and fields where the products are grown are located on the hills near Lucca and on flat land near the coast. Sometimes these plots are salvaged from the forest, others are saved from urban development.

In addition to natural wine, the community around the founders also produces honey, vegetables and Olive oil here.

The unproductive lands, abandoned fields that are not used by traditional agriculture because they are not considered profitable, become valuable places that Calafata can save. New ways of looking at land and life!