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Neustadter Vogelsang Riesling Grosses Gewächs 2021


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Neustadter Vogelsang Riesling Grosses Gewächs 2021


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This treasure is the first top-quality product from a once prominent site above Neustadt an der Weinstraße that has fallen into disrepute. This vineyard found its way to the Christmanns in 2017, after decades of conventional cultivation, through an exchange. Immediately afterwards, farming was converted to biodynamic methods. For several years, the wine was bottled as a local VDP under the name Neustadt V. The soil of this very special vineyard is rich in shell limestone, formed well over 200 million years ago. The geographical orientation of this vineyard is amazing - sloping down to the south with a gradient of up to 50 %. It is also situated at an impressive altitude of up to 260 metres. With a minimal harvest of just 40 hl/ha, the vineyard offers the grapes an exceptionally good chance of success to develop their full flavour. After resting on the marc for a few hours, the juice was fermented naturally and quite hot, and then aged in large barrels.

This wine stuns with an expressiveness reminiscent of platinum. An impressive range of aromas emanates from this energetic creation - dark, yet with notes of citrus and iodine, balanced with hints of jasmine tea, lime and lemon. These particular nuances blend with freshly picked garden herbs, light tobacco, green apple and a hint of smoke, resulting in a purist, clear and crystalline experience.

On the palate, the wine presents itself incredibly taut and muscular and almost austere with the warning gesture "Don't open me too soon, give me time and you will be rewarded!" All the signs of greatness to come are already there. As well as tremendous pressure, brought on by impressive, powerful yet very crystalline acidity, there is a lightly shaping extract, an electrifying minerality and impressive length. The wine has a cool, firm and almost wild character with strong rock, tobacco and herbal aromas. When all this has developed to perfection, it will make a truly great wine.

As for food pairings, one could imagine a risotto spiced up with smoked salmon, fresh dill and Granny Smith apples. But a turbot with a refreshing acidity of citrus fruits, pak choi and mango also join perfectly. For those who prefer to dine meatless, vegetarian dim sum would enhance the character of this wine particularly well.


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Winery A. Christmann, Peter-Koch-Str. 43, 67435 Gimmeldingen/Pfalz / Germany, organic certificate: DE-ÖKO-003