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Hajszan Neumann

Vienna is one of the few capitals in the world with its own vineyards. The winery Hajszan-Neumann has belonged to the Viennese top dog since 2014. Fritz Wieninger.

The different orientation of the two wineries prevents a merger. Hajszan Neumann has always stood for lively wines and this motto is now being intensified.

The basis of quality is the quality of the vineyards. This guiding principle was decisive for the reorientation of agricultural management. With the 2006 vintage, Hajszan Neuman was the first Viennese winery to switch to Biodynamics converted. The increased effort is equally an incentive for the resulting fruits that can be borne. The membership at respekt-BIODYN enables a professional and inspiring exchange at the highest level among like-minded people.


Biodiversity, resilience and an intact ecosystem are the basis in the vineyards. The bulk of the 20 hectares of vineyard property is on the Viennese Nussberg settled. Of course, the tradition of the Viennese Mixed Set cultivated: A vineyard where a wide range of varieties are planted together and harvested on the same day.

The results are multi-layered, complex wines that play with different grape varieties and degrees of maturity. However, there is also a place in the range for single-varietal wines from the individual vineyards.

«Natural» Series by Hajszan Neumann

This mash fermented wines live from aroma diversity and a very own identity. Any interventions and measures in the cellar are taboo. Here was also the first Wiener Gemischter Satz as natural wine filled. Classical for Vienna, the variety of grapes ranges from Riesling, over Grüner VeltlinerPinot Blanc, Pinot Gris to Traminer and Muscat.

The wines are to polarize and to the classically aligned sister-winery Wieninger set a clear contrast. The wines are original, origin-related and full of character. Corners and edges are welcome. Completely independent of the wine style, biodynamics helps to strengthen one's own profile. The Naturel Muscat and Naturel Traminer deliver an exciting aromatic complexity as well as a sensory expanded dimension on the palate.

The Natural wines have been created above all out of curiosity and a desire to experiment. The team is fascinated by the excitement of the wines, their expression and their Autonomy so much, so you can definitely expect further engagement here.

- Text and wine expertise: Marian Henß and Living Wines