Françoise Martinot Bistrøtage Rosé B.11 Extra Brut Blanc de Noirs NV – Dufour


Includes 19% MwSt.
(80,52  / 1000 ml)

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Tasting note from Jun 19, 2019 copyright Peter Mueller


Bright copper with bronze reflections, the wine is clear and bright with a fine yet lively perlage.


This Rosé Extra Brut from 100% Pinot Noir has a lot of spice in its luggage. Only leisurely, with a little time and a big glass, its extent comes to light. Don't lock it up in a champagne flute.
Blood orange in pulp and peel, dried rosehip and cranberries, as well as a juicy red apple provide tactfully stimulating olfactory pleasure. Expressive and open-minded, this is underpinned by floral, fragrant aromas of peony and clove blossom, alongside red pepper, allspice and ground blue poppy, adding immediate depth. The motherly, nurturing scent of Belgian waffles, pancakes and maple syrup smoothly rounds out, whetting the appetite. Between fruit-laden exoticism and barren stoniness, this wine treads an idiosyncratic path of a tightrope walk towards its origins.


On the palate, a seemingly meticulous straightness with an accurate stroke of the pen extends into the depths. After an eye-blink of red fruit, which rushes unabashedly through the oral cavity together with the fine perlage, the Bistrotage Rosé Extra Brut by Françoise Martinot ends in a tension-filled, fine palate-tickling phenolic and an acidity cut that resembles a Hattori Hanzo sword. The more delicate, perfumed notes of the nose fade slightly shyly into the background, allowing the shirt-sleeved character of this Champagne to spin carefree, with a spirited reach into the spice drawer. With a long echo and a subtle tendency towards discreet oxidation, it wraps itself in a stony robe and delights in accompanying hearty food.

Food recommendations by Peter Müller:

  • Carpaccio of yellow beetroot with quail egg, beechnuts and tarragon cream
    (Vegetable & Vegetarian)
  • Roasted char with truffle hollandaise, chard and hazelnut gnocchi
  • Sour tripe and ham with roasted onion sauce, baked tomatoes and croquettes






Alcohol content

12% Vol.


Contains sulfur

Residual sweetness


Drinking temperature



Champagne Charles Dufour, 4 rue de la Croix-Malot, 10110 Landreville / France,


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