Ecume Vin Moussex Extra Brut 2018


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Contains sulfur







Alcohol content

11% Vol.

Residual sweetness



7,3 g/l

Drinking temperature


Sextant Sarl, L'ancienne cure, 21190 Saint-Aubin / France, Organic certificate: FR-BIO-01

Tasting note from from 05.08.2020, Copyright Sebastian Bordthäuser

Julien Altaber comes from Auvergne and already knew at the age of 16 that his natural habitat was the world of wine. After a few years of apprenticeship at various wineries, he met Catherine and Dominique Derain in 2002, where he immersed himself in the basics of biodynamic viticulture. He bought his first grapes from the Derains and made his own first experiences, from which the Sextant project was born. Since 2010, he has owned his own vineyards, which include plants of Aligote, Pinot Gris and Gamay, in addition to the local Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. In Saint-Aubin, he finally found his current estate, which he is constantly expanding by attractive vineyards. His goal is to produce wines that are easy to drink and authentic, instead of following the Burgundian classification at all costs.

The Ecume is a cuvée of 66% Aligoté and 33% Gamay. The grapes are harvested separately and then pressed directly. After fermentation has begun, the musts are blended at about 20 g/l residual sugar, unfiltered and cold-stabilized without the addition of sulfur.


Straw yellow and slightly cloudy with light orange hints.


The 2018 Ecume from Julien Altaber's Sextant is a pet nat or better vin mousseux, as Altaber prefers. The cuvée of two-thirds Aligote and one-third Gamay smells subtly of pastries like shortbread cookies spread with a blob of red jam. A shy apricot peeps out from behind the crumbly apple and a few cinnamon blossoms have also made it here.


On the palate, the 2018 Ecume shines with sparkling brilliance The fine mousseux has a drink-accelerating effect and glitters on the palate like star dust. Aromatically, cookies once again mingle with rich crumbly apple and bell-clear acidity that fully illuminates it on the palate. Animating with juicy fruit and delicate yeasty notes, it flows across the palate that it just swooshes. Bottle empty - fire brigade!

Food recommendations from Sebastian Bordthäuser

  • Cream cheese sandwich with plenty of chives, red currants and black pepper
  • Anchovies marinated in sherry vinegar with parsley and lemon
  • Pork chops with dried fruit and confit shallots


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