Cornas „Brise Cailloux“ 2013


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Tasting note from from 01.07.2016, Copyright Peter Müller


Dark ruby in colour, the wine has an opaque core with a subtle violet haziness towards the rim.


The working title is "The Sour Cherry from the Grill."
The 2013 Cornas Brise Cailloux from Matthieu Barret is bursting with aromas and at the same time characterized by polished precision. Fresh cherry and cranberry, as well as pomegranate, wild strawberry and sloe form the fruity basis of this spicy cuisine. Big glass and here we go. Pass the pepper mill. Allspice. Lovage. Juniper berry. Fresh bay leaf. Eucalyptus. Black olives. Raw red meat. Roasted chestnuts and the charcoal smoldering out underneath. The wine doesn't stop at all and that's good.


Enchantingly, the generous spice of the nose of this Syrah from Domaine du Coulet of the Northern Rhône transforms into straightforward juiciness with pressure on the palate. A tightly woven, slightly astringent yet not drying tannin framework gives a powerful yet agile body. Supported by crisp and at the same time harmoniously integrated acidity, this wine has power, which it uses with great care.

Food recommendations by Peter Müller:

  • Curry lentils with artichoke and warm brown bread (vegan)
    (Legumes, flowering vegetables, curry dishes, Vegan dishes)
  • Braised veal heart with parsley puree, capers and young garlic
    (Calf, offal, potato, heart)
  • Kale with pink and boiled potatoes
    (Vegetable & Vegetarian, cabbage, potato)





Alcohol content

13% Vol.

Residual sweetness



Contains sulfur


5,4 g/l

Drinking temperature



Domaine du Coulet, rue du Ruisseau 43, 07130 Cornas / France, organic certificate: FR-BIO-01


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