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Celler Credo

recaredo cellercredo plowing with horse

Celler Credo is the still-wine project of the family Recaredo. Here, only single-vineyard wines and pure grape varieties are produced. And this from (actually for sparkling wine) typical grape varieties of the region: Xarel-lo, Parellada and Macabeu.

The philosophy of Celler Credo

Celler Credo is committed to producing true terroir wines - without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. The Recaredo family works to bring back the original taste of the wine, authentic, free of any artificiality. This is to create a dialogue between man and land, where there is much to say and nothing to hide.

Here, one sees oneself as the guardian of biodynamics, and in the literal sense: "bio" in the sense of life and "dynamie" in the sense of movement. The aim is nothing less than to reconcile man and nature.

More about Celle Credo

The vineyard as an ecosystem

The wines grow at up to 600 metres above sea level, which gives them freshness and a certain saltiness. The vines of Celler Credo give up their individual status in favour of other, wild plants. Instead, they share the vineyards with wild fennel, wild radish and Catalan daisies. These wild herbs grow unhindered and on an equal footing with the cultivated vines. But also insects and small animals are not seen as plagues but as co-creators of a complex ecosystem.

Celler Credo - Impressions from the vineyard

At Celler Credo, harmony with the natural ecosystem is paramount

In this cellar the credo is Xarel-lo

The vinification follows the traditional method, in which some raisins are also processed. The wines also undergo a certain length of maceration (maceration with the skins of the grapes) for more structure and smoothness.
Spontaneous fermentation is a matter of course. Some Celler Credo wines are fermented and aged in traditional Catalan clay vats.

Celler Credo see themselves as "Xarel-lists", that is, explorers and interpreters of the Xarel-lo Grape. The Mediterranean grape variety, known from the production of Cava, is at the heart of this project of the Recaredos. One remembers on thousand-and-one interpretation Xarel-lo's: mash-fermented, with stems macerated, without sulfur addition... Speak, created today after the methods of the day before yesterday.

The wines of Celler Credo


100% Xarel-lo with fresh acidity and a playful style. Dry fermented, with only 11% alcohol by volume.


This wine is the clear, authentic interpretation of the Xarello variety, grown on calcareous soils.

Can Credo

Another Xarel-lo. Can be considered a special selection of the Aloer. Manual selection of the grapes in the cellar, fermentation and maturation in old oak barrels.


Single vineyard "Serral de Bosc", fermented and matured in old oak barrels, bottled without any added sulphur.


The (literally translated) strange, old-new wine: Fermented in the old manner together with the grape skins and seeds. Today one would say "orange". Also from the single vineyard "Serral de Bosc".


One hundred percent. Macabeunamed after the only flying mammal - the bat. The winery supports with this wine projects for the protection of this so important and often forgotten creature.

celler credo old Macabeu vineyards

Single vineyard "Vinya De La Pedra" - Old Macabeu vines for the "Ratpenat".