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Weisser Burgunder “Mandelberg” GG 2021


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White Burgundy "Mandelberg" GG 2021


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Wine information
In the picturesque southwest of Birkweiler, no further than a stone's throw from the chestnut bush, we find the Mandelberg. The vineyards selected for this special drop are perched at about 250 metres above sea level, exposed in an optimal southeast direction. The unique geological blueprint of this region resembles a colourful palette of red sandstone, shell limestone and Keuper, visible witnesses from the Permian and Triassic periods. The shell limestone portion, enriched with clay, offers a preferred stage especially for our Pinot Blancs and impresses with a little more depth than similar alignments, such as Im Sonnenschein. The patient maturation of this wine takes place after slow pressing and spontaneous fermentation exclusively in stainless steel barrels.

A bright straw yellow that ranges from light to mid spectrum.

Like an open door, the Weißburgunder Mandelberg GG 2021 invites us in with a bouquet of local and tropical fruit aromas and adorns them with a creamy topping. It is a noble symbiosis of white peaches, a hint of papaya and mango, dancing with a scent of herbs and a yeasty mist, all bedded down on a bed of stone powder. At the same time, the fruit never seems obtrusive, but particularly fine and refined.

At first, we delight in its juicy and silky structure and would suspect a pleasant fruit sweetness. But no sooner has it fully developed than the wine surprises us with an explosion of power, breadth, depth and complexity before holding the palate in a dust-dry finish with chalky minerality, a pinch of salt and a phenolic grip. Certainly this wine is still at the beginning of its long evolutionary journey and holds enormous potential.

Food recommendations
- Pearl couscous served with roasted almonds, sultanas and fresh lime
- Veal tartare garnished with corn, coriander and white Tellicherry pepper
- Steamed and grilled sturgeon accompanied by roasted aubergines, pears and butter with watercress.


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Winery Ökonomierat Rebholz KG, Weinstraße 54, 76833 Siebeldingen / Germany, organic certificate: DE-Öko-003