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Riesling Marienburg Grosses Gewächs “Rothenpfad” 2021


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Riesling Marienburg Grosses Gewächs "Rothenpfad" 2021


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In the shade of the blazing summer sun, you traverse the path of Rothenpfad, your boots always lined with reddish dust, a scenery true to its name. The vineyard above the Pünderich viaduct is known for its slate and iron oxide soils, which give the rocks their colour. Especially in warmer years, the vineyard benefits from its southeastern exposure. In a map that is now a century and a half old relic, the Moselle, Saar and Ruwer have already been named the top location.
After careful harvesting and selection, there is an extended maceration period, followed by an extremely gentle pressing process and spontaneous fermentation. The natural way of sedimentation leads to the clarification of the wine, to which only sporadic additions of sulphur are added. The wine is then matured in Moselle barrels with a capacity of 1,000 litres. The Grand Cru wines are usually bottled in late autumn.
a hint of intense straw yellow
The Marienburg »Rothenpfad« 2021 opens with refreshing presence and absolute purity. The first impression delivers bright floral accords paired with an herbal and slate-driven bundle. This is complemented by stone fruit, citrus and the terroir's characteristic red and white currants. A subtle smokiness that hovers faithfully over these flavours gives the wine that mystical touch.
A full, white, juicy and extract-rich sweetness unfolds on the palate, releasing more of stone, spice and notes of tobacco, kumquat and grapefruit peel as it opens up. Compulsively, salt integrates itself, rounding off the whole complex. Again, the wine presents a dark, stony minerality, a balancing contrast to the bright fruitiness. Fascinating for the connoisseur is the fine, slightly friable tannin, which, in addition to the clear acidity, causes raptures.
Alternatives to the food recommendation
- Sea wolf roasted on the skin with a risotto of pumpkin and chestnuts
- Lacquered pork belly on dyed jasmine rice
- Pickles of green beans and peas served in an umami-rich bean miso broth


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Winery Clemens Busch, Kirchstrasse 37, 56862 Pünderich / Germany, organic certificate: DE-ÖKO-039