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Revelette PUR Rouge VdF 2020


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Tasting note from from 13.07.2021, Copyright Marian Henß



The PUR line from Revelette runs under the Vin de France appellation. PUR Rouge Grenache is a single varietal Grenache Noir. After manual harvesting, the must goes into small 500l fermentation racks for extraction. It ferments on the skins at 25-27°C and is then pressed after 28 days. It is then matured in oak barrels for eight months.

6,600 bottles and 309 magnums were filled.


Bright ruby red, light to violet reflections


The 2020 PUR Grenache appears wonderfully lean, puristic and contemporary on the nose. Deep, dark fruit that does not seem to be carried by heaviness, but radiates esprit and finesse. Elderberries, sweet cherries, cassis and blackberries are lively in the glass. Spicy notes of tart chocolate, cedar wood and juniper berries coat the fruit. Orange zest and also orange blossom can be discovered in the background. Its spiciness with cinnamon, orange and star anise reminds of the cold season in the most positive sense. The nose lives from a fine reduction that puts its stamp on the fruit. The fruit seems minimally lactic, but at the same time it is animating and light-footed. The desire for the first sip is great!


On the palate, it even exceeds these expectations! Precise, lean and clear, as one rarely experiences Grenache. Fortunately, this grape variety lives from a naturally given acidity that stands up to its otherwise fleshy appearance. The 2020 PUR Grenache shows itself lean and purposeful. The fruit now appears positively acidic and exudes pure drinking fluency. The dark spice disappears into the background. Juiciness and elegance take over. PUR Grenache is at peace with itself. It lacks nothing. Neither body nor structure. It is just the way it is, just right.

Food recommendations from Marian Henß

  • Grilled gilthead with fennel vegetables and herb vinaigrette
  • Fried prawns with veal tongue, veal broth and walnuts
  • Flank steak, creamy Jerusalem artichoke and lollo rosso


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Chateau Revelette, Chemin de Revelette, 13490 Jouques / France, Organic certificate: FR-BIO-01