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The Zen of the Panettone Gastronomico

Parents think about how to fit the whole family into one room.Children check (expensive) flights for the journey home.Couples buy nice presents for each other.Friends decide which of them will host the dinner (and the party afterwards). Ah, the Christmas season! I may sound a little cold-hearted now, but let... 

aphros wine vascos

Amphorae - Quevri, Tinaja & Co.

Text: Christoph Raffelt In the last fifteen years, a type of winemaking has received attention that it has hardly received in the last 4,000 years or so. It is about ageing in the amphora. Where and when exactly this method originated is not known, but it is assumed that... 

matassa alexandria tiny tasting blog

Portrait - Matassa from Tom Lubbe

How does a New Zealander who grew up in South Africa end up founding an iconoclastic winery in Roussillon? It's not exactly commonplace, but that's how it all is with Tom Lubbe of Domaine Matassa. In the late 90s, Tom worked at the only winery in South Africa that used spontaneous fermentation and low... 

Rangen de Thann

Rangen de Thann - A volcano in Alsace

Tectonic faults and underwater volcanoes, 70 million years at work. They tore open the Upper Rhine Graben, separated the Vosges from the Black Forest, and lowered the Rhine by several kilometres. For thousands of years, Alsace, on the western side of the rift valley, was a conflict line and meeting zone where - like tectonics - currents of Latin and...