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Living Wines MagazineWRINT Podcast Package »Le Flo du Languedoc«

WRINT Podcast Package »Le Flo du Languedoc«

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WRINT Bottles Podcast Package »Le Flo du Languedoc«

On Wednesday, 22 September 2021, there will be the 95th edition of the live podcast WRINT Bottles from 8.30 pm. Holger Klein and Christoph Raffelt lead through the unique wine entertainment show, where you can drink along live and express your opinion via chat. Three wines from Flo Busch from the Languedoc will be drunk in the upcoming show.

The package includes the following selection:

  • 2020 Lou Bragalou
  • 2020 Heureux qui comme ... 
  • 2019 Pointe du Jour

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You can find out exactly how participation in the podcast works in Christoph Raffelt's blog Originalcorked.com