Auxerrois 350 N.N. 2019


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(34,67  / 1000 ml)

Ripe apricot, some shortcrust pastry and cream. The rising basalt has lifted and pushed aside the layers of rock above it, so that basalt, shell limestone, Keuper and mottled sandstone are not on top of each other here, but lie directly next to each other in a very small space.

Auxerrois 350 N.N. 2019


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Tasting note from from 10.10.2020, Copyright Marian Henß


The Odinstal vineyard is a small, five-hectare enclave high above Wachenheim an der Weinstraße. It is located directly on the Pechsteinkopf, a small basalt volcano that erupted here 30 million years ago during the formation of the Upper Rhine Graben. The rising basalt has lifted the rock layers above it and pushed them aside, so that basalt, shell limestone, Keuper and mottled sandstone do not lie on top of each other here, but directly next to each other in a very small space.

The Auxerrois, also called yellow Burgundy, reaches maturity first within the Burgundy varieties. Its acidity is thus quite low. The combined ageing in used oak and stainless steel as well as a proportion of whole grapes during fermentation helps it to develop phenols and not become too lush.


Clear straw yellow, bright reflections


Inevitably, the first nose makes you think of fruity cream pastry. Ripe apricot, some short pastry and cream. With a little oxygenation, the apricot suddenly seems dried and less juicy. Mirabelle plums, some mango and caramelized quince also make themselves known. The thought of marzipan cannot be shaken off. The Auxerrois even develops a discreetly dark to smoky note and hints at delicate nuances of dried herbs.


On the palate, the 2019 350 N.N. then develops its strengths. The Auxerrois manages to build up pressure on the palate without becoming obtrusive. Provided with a discreet melting, it is present, but this always well dosed. The mouthfeel is overflowing in a stony and spicy direction. Especially in the aftertaste, the Auxerrois is characterized by a delicate but noticeable yellow fruitiness. This is perfectly accompanied by a dark, slightly smoky component. A pleasant minerality lingers in the finish. Aromatically, it has absolutely earned its designation "yellow Burgundy".

Food recommendations from Marian Henß

  • Ribbon noodles with chanterelle cream sauce
  • Salmon trout cooked in butter, fennel, pumpkin puree
  • Braised poularde, creamy polenta, Romanesco





Alcohol content

12.5% Vol.

Residual sweetness



Contains sulfur


5,5 g/l

Drinking temperature



Odinstal Winery, Odinstalweg, 67157 Wachenheim / Germany, Organic Certificate: DE-ÖKO-022