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Riesling Roche Granitique 2018


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A very open and intense drop that promises depth and substance already on the nose. The 2018 Riesling Roche Granitique pleasantly tickles and provokes the nose with intense, fresh fruit, reminiscent of an entire fruit basket filled with exotic delicacies - such as citrus, orange, lime, fresh pineapple, mango and passion fruit.

Riesling Roche Granitique 2018


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Wine information
As the latest release in the "Roches" collection, we have here an expression of exceptional nature, whose roots snake through the granite soils of the Grand Cru Brand. As the "second" offering of the Grand Cru, this wine comes from the least aged vines on the site - don't get this wrong though, these are on average 36 years old after all! The truly oldest vines produce a very different wine. In 2018, new life has been breathed into the virgin production from the young 2013 vines of the Sommerberg Grand Cru, a nuance that does not affect the average age of the vines.

History of origins
2018 was a year in which the grapes ripened remarkably quickly, achieving an ideal of balance. The vines had a difficult time maintaining balance, but they kept their poise and stress in check. The 2018 wine took its time to ferment, but maintained a steady pace and finished on a dry note.

A bold, dense golden yellow draws the eye with subtle lightening towards the edges.

The 2018 Riesling Roche Granitique enchants the senses with its fragrance reminiscent of a tropical fruit basket. The fruity aromas of citrus, orange, lime, fresh pineapple, mango and passion fruit are beguiling. In addition, a hint of fresh ginger, lemongrass, striking mineral notes and liquid honey resonate, resulting in a complex and intriguing wine that reveals its depth and substance on first impression.

On the palate, the wine unfolds its fruitiness full of power, sweetened by a fine sweetness and lined by a precise acidity. The gentle tannins and a delicate bitterness make it an ideal companion for meals. Despite its accessible impression, this wine has impressive storage and development potential for years to come.

Serving suggestion
If possible, the wine should be decanted and served in large glasses.

Counter proposals for dishes
Swedish bombs of purple carrots with a drizzle of lemon oil mayonnaise and a kumquat salad.
Roasted scallops with Asian beet salad.
Sebastida foie gras paired with caramelised pears, ginger and a side of crusty sourdough bread.


Contains sulfur


Domaine Zind-Humbrecht









Alcohol content

Residual sweetness



5,8 g/l

Drinking temperature



Domaine Zind Humbrecht, 4 Route de Colmar, 68230 Turckheim / France, Organic certificate: FR-BIO-01