Matassa Rouge 2018


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Matassa Rouge 2018


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Update 25.05.2021

Tasting note from Jun 12, 2019, copyright Peter Mueller and Vinaturel:


Dark violet in colour with an opaque core, the wine shows clearly and brilliantly in the glass.


Cranberries, wild blackberries, sloe, indeed the whole round of dark berry fruit melds into one another and yet is clearly recognizable as each in its own right. Although it seems as if all of them were mixed into a fresh-fruity compote, the wine does not have any jammy hints.
We are grateful for this blessing.
As if freshly poked from the mortar, the wine is spiced by allspice, nutmeg, clove and a scent of lavender that is not to be despised. Last but not least, its nose is grounded by aromas of roasted porcini mushrooms and beetroot.


Delicate, delicate and soft, the 2018 Matassa Rouge from Tom Lubbe appears on the palate and literally floats along as if it had just got upwind with the paraglider. Despite its youthfulness, it shows its full spectrum of richness, aromatic diversity and density, but at the same time, through its subtle tannin and its invigorating acidity, it is a buoyantly light wine.
A wine that simply changes Bruce Lee's philosophy "Be Water, my friend" by one word.
Be wine, my friend.

Food recommendations by Peter Müller:

  • Black olives, peppers and ricotta in a pasta sheet with clear tomato essence (vegetarian)
    (Cheese, cream cheese, fruiting vegetables (nightshade), pasta, olives)
  • Grilled mackerel with calamari, couscous and eggplant
    (Fish, tuna, mackerel, cereals, fruiting vegetables (nightshade))
  • Veal chop and smoked marrow with lemon thyme jus, pumpkin and mushrooms
    (Meat, calfMushrooms and trufflescucurbits)





Alcohol content

11,5% Vol.

Residual sweetness



Contains sulfur


7,8 g/l

Drinking temperature



Domaine Matassa, 10 Route d'Estagel, 66600 Calce / France


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