Corral de Campanas 2017 1500ml

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Tasting note from copyrighted by Peter Mueller as of 10/02/2019


Dark violet in colour with an opaque core, the wine shows clearly and brilliantly in the glass.


"Sexy Wine" is unassumingly written on the back label and, oh yes, this Tempranillo has appeal and sex appeal.

The aroma of this Tinta de Toro inevitably captivates with its in-phase oscillations of dark berry fruit, spice and yet fresh juiciness. Roasted plums, black cherries and the flavors of a freshly baked blueberry-walnut swirl clothe themselves in peppery, spicy garb. Nutmeg, cinnamon stick and star anise, allspice and broken cardamom seeds meet in the mortar to be ground and then roasted.


On the palate, the 2017 Corral de Campanas from Quinta Quietud delivers what its nose promised. On velvety, even cuddly tannins, the notes of black cherry and blackberry rise and fill the mouth with dark red shining three-dimensionality. The filigree and stimulating bitterness of an Earl Grey tea gives the ripe and warm fruit of the thoroughbred Tempranillo together with its moderate, yet vitalizing acidity the stable balance of an Inukshuk stone sculpture.

Wine to feel good.

Food recommendations from Peter Müller

  • Tomato crostini au gratin with walnut, olive and rosemary butter
  • Roasted roe deer liver with pepper sauce, parsnip puree and chard
  • Beef roulades with purple carrots and wild garlic spaetzle


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Alcohol content

14,5% Vol.

Residual sweetness



Contains sulphur, albumin or gelatin


5,3 g/l

Drinking temperature



Quinta de la Quietud, Camino de Barcdales, Apartado de Correos nº34, 49800 Toro-Zamora / Spain, Organic certificate: ES-ECO-016-CL