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Sechs Rosa Charaktere – Rosé Paket von Marian Henß

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Six Pink Characters - Rosé Package by Marian Henß


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The «Six Pink Characters» wine package consists of six bottles of one:

2021 Wagram Rosé, Fritsch
- The all-rounder -

Karl Fritsch presents us with an uncomplicated, fruit-driven rosé that lives from its lightness and high drinking flow. An absolute all-rounder.

2021 Le Rosé, Chêne Bleu
- The Elegant -

High on the windy Mont Ventoux lies the Chêne Bleu vineyard. With all its Mediterranean spiciness, Le Rosé impresses with its graceful, elegant appearance. An unusually racy acidity structure positively characterises it.

2021 Sincronia Rosat, Mesquida Mora
- The Berry -

From the Balearic Islands we contribute Sincronia Rosat from Mesquida Mora. One of the darkest rosés in this series. Lush, expansive and dark berry fruit make a statement here. Even if this may sound unusual, it is a very good companion to umami-rich sushi dishes.

2021 l'Amourouse, Majas
- The purist -

Majas provides us with a puristic, Mediterranean wine that is very original and at the same time unagitated. In a positive sense, it knows how to inspire with this rustic touch.

2020 Si Rosé, Duemani
- The Super Tuscan -

Duemani approaches this wine with the same ambition as they do with their great red wines. Si Rosé is based on the juice drawn from their top Suisassi Syrah from Maremma. With all its minerality, it benefits from a fine tannin with very well balanced spice. With this intensity, it can compete with the best rosés in the world. We also believe that this wine has the best chances to accompany grilled steaks and aromatic fish dishes.

2020 Fuoripista Pinot Grigio, Foradori
- The non-rosé rosé -

Foradori's Fuoripista is the only wine in this selection that is not based on a red grape variety and is not really a rosé either. The Fuoripista Pinot Grigio, has a naturally intense orange-red colour that is not found in the vast majority of Pinot Gris. The long contact with the mash in the traditional clay amphorae provides this character wine not only with a bright colour but also with fine tannins.

Six Pink Characters.

We inevitably associate rosés with the warm season. Even though we are providing this package for you at exactly this time of year, rosé can be so much more than just summer wine.

Rosé can shine especially in the accompaniment of a wide variety of dishes - depending on the style. Sushi, Mediterranean cuisine, grilled food - all the way to rice dishes. And much more. Likewise, the wines can be carried by structure, finesse and minerality.

Under the motto "Six pink characters", we would like to introduce you to the diversity of this wine category. The pink of rosé can range from delicate salmon to reddish.

But the wines are also very variable in sensory terms. From fruity to slender, racy examples to texturally lush styles, the range is enormous.

Mediterranean spiciness as well as a discreet tannin often come out very well.

Enjoy discovering this great diversity of an often misunderstood wine style.
Good weather is helpful but not necessary for gaining knowledge.


Contains sulfur



Residual sweetness