Les Fontaines Rose Brut Nature R17 NV – de Bichery


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Tasting note from dated 30.10.2020, Copyright Götz Drewitz
Raffael and Hannah Piconnet took over their inheritance from Raphael's father in 2015 and immediately converted to organic. He learned in Burgundy - which you can see in the style - and she comes from East Frisia. 2015 was the first vintage with just 5,000 bottles. There should be a few more as the years go by, but in the end they're aiming for no more than 15,000. This is the amount they can and want to produce with the small team. Everything without dosage and either without SO2 or as little as possible. The grapes are harvested rather ripe. The base wines are fermented partly in stainless steel partly in barrique and then stored in barrels from Burgundy.
The style is out of the ordinary! Not tight and meagre, but vinous, juicy, full-bodied - grabs you and doesn't let go. This is Burgundy with pearls.

Info about the wine

Grown on Kimmeridge limestone; rosé d'assemblage of 15% Pinot Noir reds, 55% Pinot Noir whites and 30% Chardonnay; 100% vintage 2017; fermentation and aging to 40% in oak barrel and 60% stainless steel tank; 25 lees aging; dégorgement on 07 March 2020 with zero dosage; 1374 bottles and 60 magnums total.


Intense, almost dark pink, the color is more reminiscent of a saignée. Velvety fine perlage.


The spicy aromas politely give way to the fruit. So ripe strawberries and juicy raspberries appear on stage, further back plums are hinted at. But then lights on for the spicy components. Here wormwood and boxwood push their way into the foreground. A vinous grapeiness hovers over everything. If one closes one's eyes, the drink almost seems to be a red wine, as one perceives some foliage, forest soil and even leather. The nose already suggests a powerful champagne.


The impression from the nose continues on the palate ripe fruits, like red cherries, again the ripe strawberry, the raspberries step a little into the background, but plum mixes in more strongly. Everything points to Pinot Noir! One has the feeling that Raphael can't help but make vinous champagnes, just Burgundy with bubbles.
The fullness and power are joined by subtle wood notes, which are also expressed in the form of phenolic structure. Together with the minerality and noticeable but ripe acidity forms an overall picture of an incredibly complex and powerful champagne.
This Les Fontaines is also a food companion, it is not an aperitif champagne, which wants to accompany seriously, gladly also something hearty. The Les Fontines is completely the French idea of a rosé. It doesn't want to be a lonely soloist, it wants to sit in a convivial round and join in the conversation.


Zalto Universal or Burgundy

Food recommendations from Götz Drewitz

  • Boudin Noir with braised apples and mashed potatoes
    (meat, sausage, blood sausage)
  • Risotto with pecorino, pears and Norway lobster
    (Vegetable & Vegetarian)
  • Crottin de Chavignol in puff pastry on lamb's lettuce with roasted pine nuts and strawberry vinaigrette


Contains sulfur







Alcohol content

12% Vol.

Residual sweetness


Drinking temperature



Champagne Domaine de Bichery, 92 Grande Rue, 10250 Neuville sur Seine / France


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