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Ibizkus (Totem Wines)

With just under 40 hectares, Ibizkus cultivates about half of Ibiza's vineyards. The two owners are experienced wine connoisseurs and originally come from the wine trade. With the foundation of the bodega on the island, they have fulfilled their dream. The many journeys from their previous chapter have taken them to numerous wine regions of the world and to the best wineries. These inspirations laid the foundation for their joint idea and future.

The Ballears

The Balearic Islands and Ibiza in particular are not exactly the first wine regions that would come to the mind of wine connoisseurs in connection with Spain. And especially in Ibiza, wine production is extremely low. Ibiza, however, very much stands for a Mediterranean lifestyle. The climate, vegetation and geology are very similar to the southern Spanish mainland. The Mediterranean Sea and the permanently prevailing winds have a moderating effect on the vineyards and thus also on the wine.

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