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Clos Venturi

The vines of Clos Venturi are rooted in Sandstone, basalt, granite and blue slate. Together with the continental climate of the Central Corsica and the influence of the Mediterranean, the soils bring freshness, minerality and maturity to the wines in equal measure. The stony environment, however, contributes above all purity and barrenness in the wines.

The results are expressive, independent and lively wines.

The founder Jean Vico has cultivated the vineyards on the French Mediterranean island only with autochthonous grape varieties. Vermentinu, Sciaccarellu, Niellucciu, Carcaghjolu Neru, Aleatico and Minustellu bring even experienced wine connoisseurs to the limits of their knowledge. As a tribute to Jean Vico, wines are still named after him today.

More about Clos Venturi

Today, Clos Venturi skilfully combines tradition and modernity. Great humility towards nature and the preservation of its environment are a matter of course. Full of passion and not dogmatic, they approach the winemaking. Year after year, the team strives for the best possible wine from their original vineyards.

Corsica lives from contrasts. The constellation of dry pasture land at the sea and over 2000m high mountains in the center are exemplary for it. Snow is not uncommon in the mountains. The weather and the temperature fluctuations are extremely changeable, especially at the higher altitudes. Here in the winery you go up to 360 meters in altitude. Unique and special.

The geology of the vineyards is part of the terroir. This diversity is a great attraction for the local winemakers and is the focus of their thinking. With great effort, they get to the bottom of the conditions scientifically to understand the environment even better and later to decipher and transport the terroir in the wines.

The 1769 Blanc from Vermentinu embodies these ideas and his homeland. A crisp, racy wine full of aroma and freshness. As made for Corsican sheep cheese and light, Mediterranean cuisine. The A Mina Would be to step it up with more intensity and spice. The Clos Venturi Rouge is a cuvée of old vines from Niellucciu and Sciaccerellu.

This powerful red wine fuses attributes of freshness, maturity and minerality. That is brilliant to oriental flavours and spicy meat dishes.

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