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Clément Klur

The Klur family runs the smallest Demeter-certified winery in Alsace. Out of conviction, they have taken all measures and adapted all processes to organic and biodynamic viticulture. This applies equally to vineyards and the cellar. The family has been involved in viticulture in Katzenthal since the 17th century. The current generation focuses on natural wines. As they are not trained in viticulture themselves, they have entered into a partnership with their friendly neighbour, an organic wine grower by conviction.

Léon Heintzmann runs the Domaine Clément Klur continues for the family and is a leader in winemaking. On the farm, the Klur family has developed in many ways. They have established permaculture, run holiday homes on the property, set up a goldsmith's atelier for their daughter and have a co-working space in a relaxed setting is also just in its final throes. The social and sustainable commitment to education, the socially disadvantaged and the environment is a matter of course for them.

According to the Klur and Heintzmann families, natural wine making can be broken down to three attributes:

  1. Must from obviously healthy grapes from an intact environment.
  2. Patience, which could also be translated as time.
  3. Confidence in the skills and the idea behind the wines.

More about Clément Klur

All active ingredients for the biodynamic preparations come from the regional forests. The compost comes from the neighbouring farmer. A light quad on four wheels drives through the vineyards instead of a tractor in order not to compact the soil unnecessarily. Small adjusting screws that make a big difference.

The wines from the natural wine line can rather be described as concept wines in micro editions. Wild cuvees, for instance, are made of Muscat, Gewurztraminer, and Sylvaner, some of which are in the mixed set in the Wineck Schlossberg Grand Cru site. In some wines, they keep the grape varieties entirely as a secret.

Qualitatively the vineyard Clément Klur shines above all with its Sparkling wines - the Cremant d'Alsace. From the grape varieties Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Riesling, extremely lively sparkling wines with their own signature and identity are created. The "Brut" is a prime example of great vintner's art with a fine perlage. With the "Brut unsulphured" they deliver a true rarity. One hardly finds unsulphured sparkling wines. The wine shows itself puristic, elegant and full of tension.

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