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Champagne Weeks

Welcome to the Champagne Weeks

You know our penchant for good Winemaker Champagne.
In summer, there is hardly anything better than the ringing perlage of a well-chilled Extra Brut.
That's why we will introduce you to a new Champagne winery every week until the end of August.
That's what we call Champagne Weeks.

Also because until the end of August we have 7% Discount on all Winemaker Champagne from a purchase value of €250.

To do so, please use the code at the checkout: CHAMPAGNE WEEKS

Did you miss the accompanying wine letter?
Here you can read them and in the future no longer miss.

Week I: Julie Dufour

Week II: Jeaunaux Robin

Week III: De Sousa

Week IV: Bonnet-Ponson

Week V: Jean Servagnat

Week VI: Waris-Larmandier

Week VII: ???