Weissburgunder trocken 2019 – Battenfeld-Spanier


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White Burgundy dry 2019 - Battenfeld-Spanier


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Update 11.05.2021

Tasting note from from 30.12.2020, Copyright Peter Müller
Around Bodenheim and Hohen-Sülzen in Rheinhessen, Carolin Spanier-Gillot and H.O. Spanier cultivate their vineyards. Like their other wines, this light-footed, classic Pinot Blanc bears the significant working title
"No Bullshit - Just Sulphites"


The wine shows itself in light golden yellow with discreet silvery reflexes clear and shining in the glass.


This expressive Pinot Blanc is bright yellow on all sides, as if it were trying to decipher the color sensorially. It is aromatic and intense, like the blossoms of dandelion and nasturtium; at the same time, it is charmingly playful with the fruitiness of mirabelle and physalis with a tart squeeze of lemon. At the same time it shows supposedly sweet, yet vegetal notes of young corn and pickled bamboo. The only aroma that is bursting with yellow is the sea-like scent of fresh wakame lettuce.


Dense, yet light-footed in its structure and with a powerful, drawn-out style, the steeled, slender body of the 2019 Weissburgunder from Battenfeld-Spanier shows itself. Along with a yellow-fleshed fruit, it brings out stony length in the finish, as well as ethereal notes reminiscent of menthol and thyme. Refreshing acidity gives it lift and balances the wine. Juicy and mouthwatering, the simple motto of this stately drinking wine is not to put the glass down at all.

Food recommendations from Peter Müller

  • Barley risotto with garden cress, bamboo and baby corn
    (Vegetable & Vegetarian)
  • Marinated halibut with seaweed salad, nashi pears and ginger onion melts
  • Pork headcheese with lost egg, mustard seed and celery salad


Contains sulfur





Alcohol content

12.5% Vol.

Residual sweetness



6,5 g/l

Drinking temperature



Winery Spanier-Gillot GbR, Bahnhofstrasse 33, 67591 Hohen-Sülzen/Rheinhessen / Germany, organic certificate: DE-ÖKO-039


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