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Voladeros 2019


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Voladeros 2019


  • 🎨 Color: Specific information on the colour of the wine is not given.
  • 👃 Aroman: Detailed flavours are not described, but the use of Pédro Ximénez and Moscatel de Málaga suggests intense, characteristic aromas.
  • 👅 Taste: Dry and terroir-orientated, with a possible focus on the characteristics of the Pédro Ximénez and Moscatel de Málaga grape varieties.
  • 🎭 Character: A bold project that revitalises the wine tradition in Málaga, with a focus on quality and terroir.
  • 🍽️ Food recommendations: No specific recommendations are given, but dry, terroir-driven wines of this type often harmonise well with local cuisine and seafood.
  • Special features: The first and only winery of its kind in the Sierras de Málaga for decades, revitalising old, neglected vineyards and focusing on dry vinification of traditionally sweet grape varieties.
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It takes chutzpah to revive old, very steep and labour-intensive vineyards in 2015 in an area that was once world-famous for its wines and has experienced unprecedented decline, and to found the first and only winery in decades. Victoria Ordóñez had the chutzpah and the right people on her side to found this important project in the Sierras de Málaga. Actually, the daughter of a wine merchant had earned a doctorate in medicine. But at some point she became aware of the fallow wine-cultural heritage and the associated vineyards left open and began to get involved. Málaga, that meant and means above all Pédro Ximénez, which used to be mostly fortified and sweet, but in her case is dry and terroir-oriented. In addition, there is the second important grape variety of the region, Moscatel de Málaga, which is also causing a sensation.


Contains sulfur


Victoria Ordóñez









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Victoria Ordóñez, C/ Ciro Alegría 75, Pol.Ind.Guadalhorce, 29004 Málaga / Spain