Viñas de Gain Blanco 2015


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For a long time, Viura, which is found in Artadi's vineyards and accounts for around 10 %, has been given away to other winemakers. In the background, one thinks to sense a few ripe gooseberries, a little wax and a hint of acacia honey and lightly toasted almond.

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Tasting note from May 18, 2019 copyright Christoph Raffelt

Wine information

Artadis white Viñas de Gain is a local wine that comes from some of the best sites of Laguardia. The vineyards are located at 450 to 700 meters above sea level and are mainly characterized by clay in the topsoil and a limestone base. In addition to the vast sea of red vines, there are a few rows each of white Macabeo, which in Rioja is called Viura. The term Rioja by the way, can be found in vain since the 2015 vintage. Artadi has made a name for itself with the Consejo Regulador the Rioja overthrown because the quality claims of the board were considered to be too weak. Now, all wines are published as table wines. The grapes were harvested by hand in 15-kilo boxes. Fermentation took place spontaneously in large wooden fermenters for about two weeks. The wine was aged for two years and nine months in stainless steel.


light golden yellow


The Viñas de Gain Blanco shows an excellent maturity and at the same time freshness in the aroma. It is characterized by acacia blossoms, green figs as well as some green and yellow pome fruit. In the background one thinks to sense some ripe gooseberries, in addition some wax and a breath of acacia honey and easily roasted almond. All this seems almost shy and yet insistent.


For a long time, the Viura, which stands in the vineyards at Artadi and makes up about 10 %, has been given to other winemakers. Now, more recently, an own white wine is being produced here again. Fortunately, one can only say. The Viura offers a successful creaminess on the palate, through which a striking acidity ploughs and only ebbs away in the finish. The Viñas de Gain Blanco delivers citric notes of grapefruit juice and a few zests, plus notes of crisp pear and a few freshly ripened mirabelles. This is white Rioja - rare, pure and hardly masked by wood. However, the wine with all its assets has a potential for another ten years easily.

Food recommendations by Christoph Raffelt

  • Steamed asparagus with almond-orange aioli
  • Cod croquettes with pimento vinaigrette
  • Black salsify tortilla with rocket and goat cheese





Alcohol content

13,5% Vol.

Residual sweetness



Contains sulfur


4,7 g/l

Drinking temperature



Artadi S.A., Carretera de Logroño s/n, 01300 Localidad: Laguardia / Spain