Terra de Cuques blanc 2019


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Terra de Cuques blanc 2019


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Wine information

A cuvée of 90 % Pedro Ximenez and 10 % Muscat d'Alexandria. The clay soils of El Molar, an old village at the southern end of the priory where mining used to take place, provide the haven for 25-year-old Pedro Ximenez vines . The PX receives an extended maceration period and is complemented by Muscat d'Alexandria from the Llicorella slate hills of Porrera. The whole clusters are stratified in fermentation tanks for five to seven days, then pressed in an old vertical basket press into small concrete tanks and aged for 14 months.


bright orange


This is a wine that is as intense as it is light as a feather, with aromas of curry, nutmeg and stone, sliced Granny Smith apple, citrus and orange peel, and mirabelle plums. However, this is less a fruit wine than a stone wine, which already makes clear in the aroma that one can expect quite a bit of extract and tannin here.


On the palate the Terra de Cuques 2019 Clarity and tension with a silky fine texture. The grapes, fermented with stems and stalks and left on the skins for around five days, deliver a light spiciness and extract. This is clearly felt on the palate, where the tannin lines the mouth and the wine seems like a full-grown red, if it weren't for this yellow spiciness and liquorice, the light nutmeg tone and the citrusy spiciness. This is a wine whose texture is just as exciting as its fine earthiness and nuttiness, the slightly sweet note of the wine, which is actually dry, and the fragrant floral notes that remain ever-present on the palate. 

Food recommendations by Christoph Raffelt

  • Buttered and roasted celery with morels and double cream
  • Milk piglet with celery, fennel and pear
  • Swordfish steak with risotto and wild asparagus


Contains sulfur






Alcohol content

13% Vol.

Residual sweetness


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Terroir al Limit, c/ Baixa Font 12, 43737 Torroja del Priorat / Spain