Sophie DOC 2019 – Manincor


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Sophie DOC 2019 - Manincor


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Update 11.05.2021

Tasting note from from 11.08.2020, Copyright Christina Hilker

Location and soil

Half of the grapes come from Terlan Lieben Aich and half from Kaltern Mazzon. Lieben Aich is a warm, west-facing slope at 300 meters above sea level. Chardonnay and Sauvignon are grown here on loamy sandy soil interspersed with porphyry weathered rock. Chardonnay and Viognier on Mazzon form the steepest vineyard, the so-called Leiten, with up to 100 percent slope. Exposed to the southwest at 350 to 400 meters above sea level, with calcareous, loamy loess soil, this steep slope offers a very special microclimate.


The destemmed grape berries remained in the press for four hours for maceration, in order to extract aroma and structure from the grape skins. The pressing process was very slow and gentle. Fermentation took place in wooden barrels of various sizes, spontaneously with the grape's own yeasts. During the nine-month aging on the fine lees, the aroma and taste refined.


Bright, light golden yellow.


The 2019 cuvée is expressively exotic, with lime, passion fruit, mango and vanilla foam. These are joined by ginger, fresh mint and a hint of liquorice and anise. An opulent fruit basket offers itself to us with mineral depth and complex impression.


On the palate, the fruit is wonderfully framed by a fine spicy wood note and a lot of minerality. Pressure and length in combination with the distinctive exotic fruit determine its character. Even if it presents itself open and accessible at the moment, one should not underestimate its development potential. It holds a lot in itself, which it will still reveal with the time.
If you want to enjoy it at this point, you should decant it and serve it not too cold in a Burgundy glass. After one or two days of opening, it presents itself all the more beautifully.

Food recommendations by Christina Hilker

  • Pumpkin Mushroom Carpaccio
  • Prawns in lemongrass soup with crustacean dumplings
  • Crispy chicken leg with rosemary polenta dalers


Contains sulfur






Alcohol content

13,5% Vol.

Residual sweetness



6,7 g/l

Drinking temperature



Winery Manincor, St. Josef am See 4, 39052 Kaltern / Italy, organic certificate: IT BIO 013


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