Quatrophil Burgunder 6er Set NV


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For the pleasure lover

With the new Quatrophil series, Stölzle Lausitz offers a new goblet glass series that every wine lover will appreciate The extraordinary design and the high wine justice appeal to every vinophile.

A particularly high, filigree stem and the cubic design are the striking features of this sophisticated drinking glass series. Stölzle Lausitz produces these glasses using the modern drawing process on the machine. In the process, the long stems of the drinking glasses are pulled out of the goblet. This is the only way to achieve the deep and flowing transition between the goblet and the stem. Thanks to the universal shapes, the series covers a variety of white and red wines in a manner suitable for drinking. More glass is no longer necessary. The accentuated waist of the glasses gives them a special expressiveness. At the same time, the resulting shape ensures maximum flavour development of the wine in these glasses.

In the Burgundy glass, the largest diameter is reached in the wide waist about one third of the way down the goblet. The glass offers an extra large surface at this point so that the wine has a particularly good exchange of air.

With the Quatrophil series, Stölzle Lausitz documents its high level of competence in the production of extravagant machine glass without sacrificing the robustness, elegance and functionality of the glasses for ease of production. In this way, the company also provides discerning connoisseurs and vinophiles with glasses that clearly stand out from the ordinary - and not just because of the height of the stem.

Burgundy glass, volume 708 ml, height 245 mm




Alcohol content

0% Vol.

Residual sweetness



Stölzle Lausitz GmbH, Berliner Straße 22-32, 02943 Weißwasser, Germany


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