Pithos Bianco IGP 2019 – COS


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Pithos Bianco IGP 2019 - COS


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Update 11.05.2021

Tasting note from from 07.12.2020, Copyright Sebastian Bordthäuser
The 2019 Pithos Bianco is the 40th vintage of this exceptional wine. Pressed from 100% Grecanico, it is grown at just over 230m above sea level on the red soils around Vittoria with pebbles, compact layers of fresh clay and calcareous tufa. The wine was fermented spontaneously in terracotta amphorae on the skins until it was pressed for further maturation and bottled unfined after natural sedimentation.


Bright orange of medium expression, radiant and clear.


The 2019 Pithos bianco from the Azienda Agricola COS demands unmistakably for the carafe, so head over heels with it. Thanks to its radiant color, one also thinks to perceive a clear orange in the nose, with oil and orange blossom. An enormously ethereal wine, organised over herbal notes and essences. Purist and clear, this is about unvarnished truths rather than a polished performance in front of the grand jury. The oxidative maturation lays the olfactory track bed, cut apples and anise fill its fruit basket, chamomile and oyster shell garnish it on top.


On the palate, it manages the balancing act between texture and speed. Haptically carried by the tightly woven tannin, it is initially fleshy with a tart bite. Then the acidity overtakes, sets the indicator on the left and thus gives it rapid speed and drinking traction. Aromatically, it has a herbaceous spice character, the fruit also showing up on the palate more in the reverberation than as a gustatory leitmotif. Juicy tart sip for adults with a great appearance at the table.

Food recommendations from Sebastian Bordthäuser

  • Yellow beetroot tossed in tarragon butter and goat's curd cheese
    (Vegetable & Vegetarian)
  • Cous cous with loup de mer and sweet and sour fennel
  • Moroccan tagine with lamb, eggplant and quince


contains sulfur, protein and milk






Alcohol content

11% Vol.

Residual sweetness



6,2 g/l

Drinking temperature



Azienda Agricola COS, Acate-Chiaramonte, 97019 Vittoria / Italy, organic certificate: IT BIO 004


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