Oro Blanc AOC 2005 – Peyre Rose


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Oro Blanc AOC 2005 - Peyre Rose


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Tasting note from dated 14.11.2016, Copyright Christoph Raffelt

Wine information

Two hectares are planted at Marlène Soria with a mixed set of most different southern white grape varieties. Rolle (Vermentino) and Roussane are here with Terret, Ugni blanc, Viognier, Grenache blanc and Carignan blanc. The wine was aged for 15 years in large wooden barrels.




A white wine from the Languedoc, aged for 15 years in large wood, can only be completely unusual. This wine shows dimensions as they are found in very traditionally working Rioja bodegas, in the Jura or in Jerez. The aroma of the Oro is reminiscent of these more or less oxidative wines. Nuts and green walnuts meet herbs, crushed oyster shell, dried as well as fresh citrus fruits and candied lemon peel, crumbly apples, quince, beeswax, lanolin, gentian and dry earth. The extremely complex scent announces great things.


Those who open the Oro and drink it directly might be disappointed at first. Then the wine seems like a white port wine, which was not enriched. The Oro needs air, air and again air. Accordingly, it should be poured into a carafe early before drinking. It is most enjoyable when it is drunk over days, because then it unfolds all its complexity. Then the Oro becomes a great white cru of the south, a wine with immense density and a texture rich in tannins, a wine which, with 14.5 %, falls out of the usual white wine framework, but which one does not resent; because the Oro stands outside the usual categories. Fruit is largely out of place here. The wine defines itself almost exclusively through the then demanding mouthfeel that plays with textures, is fresh and salty despite all the force and that with increasing time and air that one gives it.

Food recommendations by Christoph Raffelt

  • Tart with onions and braised fennel
    (Vegetable & Vegetarian)
  • Porc rôti, roast pork stuffed with olives and fennel
  • Poularde with Oro sauce, porcini mushrooms and cream


Contains sulfur


, ,





Alcohol content

14,5% Vol.

Residual sweetness



4,5 g/l

Drinking temperature



Domaine Peyre Rose, Route de Villeveyrac, 34230 Saint Pargoire / France, Organic certificate: FR-BIO-10


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