naked white 2019 – Heinrich


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naked white 2019 - Heinrich


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Tasting note from from 28.12.2020, Copyright Peter Müller
When you arrive at the stately winery of Heike and Gernot Heinrich, you can feel, despite its size, that biodynamics is really a living theme here. On the one hand, this is due to the 40 or so sheep, ducks, geese and horses that characterize the overall aura of this place - but on the other hand, of course, it is due to the two themselves.
With a lot of thoughtfulness, but without any headiness, a thanksgiving to nature is expressed here year after year in liquid form.


The wine shows a bright, intense straw yellow with golden reflections and a subtle yeast cloudiness shining in the glass.


With its unobtrusive yellow aromas of fresh quince, nashi pear and physalis as well as yolk flowers and pickled kumquats, this cuvée of primarily Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay is an appealing and unerring fellow-insert-boat-holer for all those who have so far only had a hazy picture of natural wines. Delicate yeasty and musty notes in no way detract from its crystalline precision but simply take up a little more space in the glass.
Entertaining, broken down to the essentials and seriously uncomplicated, this honest sip of wine tells short stories from life that make you smile.


The pen stroke of precision suggested by its bouquet is confirmed on the palate by Heike and Gernot Heinrich's 2019 Naked White with a creamy texture and the same seriousness; just tongue-in-cheek with a healthy touch of self-irony.
While the Naked White initially comes along on tiptoe in the nose, it appears on the palate with the whole foot. Its finely woven density and its low alcohol, plus its cheeky, non-filtered charm make it an honest-to-goodness, no-frills wine that can be wonderfully understood as a ticket to the wine world of the Heinrich family.
Long live this wine for all situations.

Food recommendations from Peter Müller

  • Yellow pointed peppers with feta, creamy polenta and sugar snap peas
    (Vegetable & Vegetarian)
  • Fried tuna belly with grilled green tomatoes and corn cobs
  • White pressed sack with rocket and Swabian potato salad


Contains sulfur





, ,


Alcohol content

12.5% Vol.

Residual sweetness



6,4 g/l

Drinking temperature



Winery Heinrich, Baumgarten 60, A-7122 Gols / Austria, organic certificate: AT-BIO-402


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