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Leinhöhle -N- 2020


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With oxygen contact, Bach flowers, chamomile, a hint of anise and liquorice are added. It was deliberately not harvested with high alcohol levels, so that finesse, freshness and elegance can be found after the malolactic fermentation.

Leinhöhle -N- 2020


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Things to know about the drop:
With N-Natural, N-o Filtration, N-o Limits, N-next level, the makers behind the - N- wines, understand their blatant approach to winemaking. Wild yeasts are involved in fermentation and the process takes place without filtration. Moreover, the wine is allowed to express its character in the maximum way.

Processing details:
The grapes undergo a natural fermentation in tonneau, followed by a spontaneous malolactic fermentation. After this process, the wine matures on full lees and is drawn off clear before being bottled with a touch of sulphur, unfiltered. The makers strive to control the potential alcohol to produce a wine with finesse, freshness and elegance after malolactic fermentation.

Location of the vineyard:
The plot cleverly finds its place in the temperate position at the foot of the slope of Deidesheim, which exposes it to less stressful sunlight than the direct southern slope of Leinhöhle. Cool evening winds from Paradiesgarten round out the climate.

Colour note:
A gently veiled light gold.

The 2020 Riesling Leinhöhle "N" offers juicy bouquet with starters of apricot, vineyard peach, peach pit and pineapple. With a little air, Bach flowers, chamomile and slight hints of anise and liquorice show. Fine hints of herbal tea and woodruff give the wine its individual character and make you eager for the first sip.

A cooling, refreshing and creamy sensation glides across the tongue as flavours of citrus and ginger flare up alongside subtle savoury notes. With its spicy and subtly ethereal finish, this wine aspires to dishes with distinct herbal notes.

To develop the full potential of this wine already, it is recommended to aerate it and serve it in large Burgundy glasses.

Alternative food recommendation:
1. Jerusalem artichoke gnocchi with thyme butter
2. bruschetta with rocket aioli and prawns
3. guinea fowl with juniper flavours on lentils and game salad.


Contains sulfur


Michael Andres









Alcohol content

Residual sweetness



6,0 g/l

Drinking temperature



Winery Michael Andres, Hauptstr. 33A, 67152 Ruppertsberg/Pfalz / Germany; organic certificate: DE-ÖKO-039