Gevrey-Chambertin Capita 1er Cru 2018


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The Capita is a seducer that is in a stringent line with the Ostrea and the Grand Cru as far as the delicacy of the Gevreys is concerned. En Ergot, acquired in 1877, is the oldest parcel of the Trapets.

Gevrey-Chambertin Capita 1er Cru 2018


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Tasting note from dated 12.08.2020, Copyright Christoph Raffelt

Wine information

Capita is a cuvée from the Premier Cru sites En Ergot, Combottes, Corbeaux, Petite Chapelle and Clos Prieur. This cuvee has been around since 2003, when the yields were so low that Trapet was not able to vinify single 1er Crus. En Ergot, acquired in 1877, is the oldest parcel of the Trapets. At that time, the vine density was still 35,000 vines per hectare. En Ergot and Petit Chapelle still belonged together at that time. Today, they are two adjacent vineyards. Clos Prieur was added in 1892. Overall, the percentage of sites used varies. 2018's yields were En Ergot, Combottes and Corbeaux with a total of around 0.6 hectares. For Jean Louis Trapet, the vintage is one of the best in the history of the domaine. This assessment is supported by the fact that the 2018 Chambertin Grand Cru with the highest score of any wine from Neal Martin's 2018 tasting for Vinous has emerged. The Latricières-Chambertin was only just behind. The year began with an early strong budbreak, which was put into perspective a little later by a wet May bringing mildew and naturally limiting the amount. It then became hot and dry, but the heavy spring rains had replenished the vineyards' water stores. Some rain was added in July, and it remained warm, even hot and dry in places, until the harvest on September 4. The harvest took place under ideal conditions until 12 September. The only challenge One had to be quick; because within five days the sugar content of the berries increased by 25 grams. As the berries were thick-skinned, the seeds ripe and the saps well wooded, Jean Louis opted for a 100 % whole cluster fermentation for the cuvée. The Rappen brought more structure and some coolness to the wine, and the slow release of the sugar provided finesse. At Capita Gevrey-Chambertin Grand Cru about 40 % of new wood was used.


medium semi-transparent cherry red


The Premier Cru Cuvée Capita currently belongs to those Gevrey-Chambertinswhich are the most earthy and most connected to the earth and where the wood is also a little more in the foreground than with the Ostrea or the grand cru. Dark berry fruits, especially blackberries and even a hint of sloe show up here. In addition, dry undergrowth, dark cocoa, dark tobacco, a little foliage and crushed stone. At the same time, however, a fine, inviting sweetness already shows in the nose.


The palate offers a fascinating complexity full of liveliness and energy. The acidity is absolutely precise and straightforward, the tannin with a fine, powdery texture, the fruit dark, but also with a sweet fruit core, reminiscent of the best raspberry jam from Christine Ferber from Alsace. Then it gets darker again, some plum is noticeable, as well as dark currant, the dark cocoa already mentioned and a fine wood and herbal spice. What an excellent Premier Cru local wine level. The Capita is a seducer who, as to the delicacy of the Gevreys in a stringent line with the Ostrea and the grand cru stands.

Food recommendations by Christoph Raffelt

  • Hare pepper with onions, bacon and potato-celery puree
  • Peking duck with duck foot sauce and duck skin crisp according to Tim Raue
  • Sweet potato taco with currants and grilled peppers





Alcohol content

13,5% Vol.

Residual sweetness



4,7 g/l

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Contains sulfur


Domaine Trapet, 53 route de Beaune, 21220 Gevrey-Chambertin / France, Organic certificate: FR-BIO-01