Gemischter Satz mit ACHTUNG 2017


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(26,00  / 1000 ml)

Slender and refined. Slightly cloudy orange yellow, bright reflections - The Gemischter Satz with Achtung is aromatically loud and multi-layered.

Mixed set with ATTENTION 2017


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Tasting note from from 26.07.2020, Copyright Marian Henß

The Gemischter Satz consists of the grape varieties Grüner Veltliner, Roter Riesling, Roter Veltliner, Traminer, Riesling, Welschriesling. In the Eichelberg vineyard, it is located opposite the famous Zöbinger Heiligenstein at an altitude of about 300 metres. The site is exposed to the south and characterised by the primary rock that is common there. After a selective hand harvest, the wine is fermented without rape for four weeks in large wooden barrels. The wine is then allowed to mature on the lees for twelve months. After the first racking, the wine is allowed another six months on the fine lees. The Gemischter Satz "with respect" can therefore also be understood as "with time" or "with patience".


Slightly cloudy orange yellow, bright reflections


The Gemischter Satz with respect is aromatically loud and complex. None of the grape varieties is in the foreground. With the exception of Traminer, which is definitely noticeable. Verbena and lemon balm make an appearance, as do rose petals and slightly nutty nuances. Dried herbs, hay as well as dried apricots and apples also come to the fore.


The mash fermentation and the long yeast contact convey an appealing mouthfeel. All the puzzle pieces of an elegant wine have been put together here with a lot of savvy. On the palate, a red berry quality suddenly comes to the fore. Likewise, verbena tea and lemon balm find their way back in. Also the dried fruits and nuts pave their way retronasally.

A lemony acidity makes the mixed set seem very juicy overall and pushes it into a corset. Delicate bitterness rounds off the reverberation harmoniously. Slim and refined.

Food recommendations from Marian Henß

  • Miso aubergine au gratin with goat cheese and spring onions
  • Thai curry, with coconut, chicken breast and coriander
  • Beef carpaccio with radicchio salad, nuts and raspberry vinegar vinaigrette


Contains sulfur





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Alcohol content

12.5% Vol.

Residual sweetness



5,0 g/l

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Winery Fred Loimer, Haindorfer Vögerlweg 23, A-3550 Langenlois / Austria, organic certificate: AT-BIO-402