Gelber Muskateller Ried Steinbach Fürst Erste STK Lage 2017 – Tement


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Yellow Muscat Ried Steinbach Fürst Erste STK Lage 2017 - Tement


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Update 11.05.2021

Tasting note from from 12.07.2020, Copyright Marian Henß


The wine grows on sand and gravel in the vineyard Steinbach Fürst and is declared as 1st site STK. The sand is reddish and the soils are deep. This is the only wine in the Tement winery that is vinified in steel tanks. All other wines are aged in wooden barrels of various sizes. Armin Tement justifies this with his personal attitude towards this wine and the best possible treatment. Armin Tement also describes the Steinbach Gelber Muskateller in the site area as one of the highest quality wines in the winery.


Greenish yellow, golden reflections


I must admit that I am a Muskateller fan and have this far too rarely in the glass. A relatively quiet Muskateller. Recognizable as such, but it doesn't jump right out at you. Fresh lime zest, lemon and a little caipirinha - that is, cane sugar and lime as well as tart cachaça. Lemongrass as well as lemon balm and mint complement this fresh play of flavors. A delicate yellow fruitiness comes to the fore, reminiscent of mirabelles. However, all this comes across as very serious, well-balanced. The wine presents itself rather cool, stony and not at all as a banal summer fizz.


Straight and fine the first sip finds its way to me. Pure refreshment. A very adult drink, which shows itself determined but juicy at the same time. Very drinking animating the salivation is directly stimulated. This demands another sip. This pure, herbal note is accompanied by slight bitterness. A pleasant, not superficial acidity drags out the moment. Lime, lemongrass and lemon balm round out the finish seductively here as well. The low 12% alcohol by volume is not noticeable and the wine only allows a few grams of residual sugar to be felt. Of course, these are perfectly integrated.

Food recommendations from Marian Henß

  • Fried chicken with potato and veggie salad
  • Miso soup with tofu
    (Vegetable & Vegetarian)
  • Glass noodle salad with cashew, lemongrass, coriander, chili and fried chicken breast


Contains sulfur





Alcohol content

12% Vol.

Residual sweetness



6,6 g/l

Drinking temperature



Tement GmbH, Zieregg 13, A-8461 Ehrenhausen / Austria


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