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The Garlider winery is nestled in the nature of the Eisack Valley. In this picturesque setting with a view of the South Tyrolean Alps, the Kerschbaumer family runs the small winery. One can truly speak of a family winery, as three generations live and work together. The dominant grape varieties here are Müller-Thurgau and Sylvaner. In addition, the proximity to Austria is reflected in a fabulous Grüner Veltliner reflected. With her Pinot Noir they're the only one in the whole valley.

Their wines live from the clear precision. The Kerschbaumers work with and for their wines with time and calm. The obvious temperature amplitudes in the high altitudes of the Valle Isarco underline this cool style. Fruit and freshness equally find their stage in the wines. The wines of Garlider literally rest within themselves.

More about Garlider

The Valle Isarco is currently developing very well. The young generation is moving away from the cooperatives and towards individual wines. Different styles and ideas are becoming established. This gives the region a very appealing profile. Especially the white varieties find their ideal terrain here. Due to the alpine conditions, vibrancy, elegance, pithiness and subtle fruit notes crystallize.

Pinot Grigio, which is often misunderstood, is also experiencing positive counterexamples. With Garlider, this grape variety, which is often accused of banality and boredom, suddenly tastes cool, elegant, and provides drinking flow. Their Pinot Noir beguiles with its silky appearance, the clear fruit profile, and its overall very delicate nature. Pure filigree.


Written by Marian Henß
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