Chardonnay 2017 – Klaus Vorgrimmler

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Vorgrimmler Chardonnay -

Visual impression

In terms of color, this organic wine from Baden is rather a light golden yellow, complemented by pale green reflections.


The 2017 Chardonnay from Klaus Vorgrimmler combines skilful use of wood with fine fruit on the nose. Many ripe citrus components in the aroma: orange, lemon and lemon peel, plus many Mediterranean herbs. The barrique ageing is noticeable with fine smoky hints. Bready and smoky components can also be smelled. One thinks of piemonte hazelnuts, crispy baguette and white nougat. The entire fragrance impression is coherent. Everything seems elegant, well balanced and integrated.

Vorgrimmler's Chardonnay tasted

Refreshing and dancing it moves over our tongue with the fine fruit of the nose and an intense herbal note of lime blossom, fennel, fennel herb, some artichoke and coriander. Emphatically herbaceous in the finish, with fine acidity. In the reverberation its fine acidity is clearly indicated and its accentuated herbal spiciness. A wine of the quiet tones, optimal partner to poultry or to vegan and vegetarian dishes.


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Alcohol content

Residual sweetness

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Contains sulfur


Winery Klaus Vorgrimmler, St. Erentrudisstraße 63, 79112 Freiburg-Munzingen / Germany, organic certificate: DE-ÖKO-022


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