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Canestrina Passata di pomodora Canestrino Lucchese Tomatensauce 2024


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Canestrina Passata di pomodora Canestrino Lucchese tomato sauce 2024


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The Canestrino tomato looks back on a long, sentimental journey, its roots deep in the family gardens of Lucca. It was once the pride of the town, adding value in local markets such as Piazza del Carmine, where it not only satisfied families' ravenous appetites but also attracted moneyed traders. Each generation carefully nurtured its seed bank to ensure that these treasures were passed on.

Back in the late 60s was the Canestrino Queen. It was favourably recommended by the local seed companies, but then the age of hybrid varieties began and the Canestrino was slowly but surely pushed aside. Nevertheless, thanks to some dedicated soul who preserved the seeds, this variety was saved and had its renaissance in 2015 when it was included in the sacred register of Tuscan biodiversity. It is named after the distinctive "canister" shape that gives it its unique character.

As for the fruit itself, it convinces with a soft flesh that has a nice balance and contains few seeds. The Canestrino is harvested in midsummer and is ready for its transformation thanks to the use of salt. In terms of flavours, it offers an interesting mix of intense and sweet flavours and a medium density that really comes into its own after being pan-fried with oil and garlic.

They can be used in many ways - ideal for a light tomato sauce or as an addition to a summer salad. Or let your creativity run wild and experiment with this tomato variety in a savoury quiche. Regardless of its use, the Canestrino tomato always brings a piece of Tuscany to the plate.










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Agricola Calafata, Società Cooperativa Agricola Sociale, Piazzale Arrigoni 2, 55100 Lucca /Italy