Cabernet Blanc 2018 – Klaus Vorgrimmler

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Vorgrimmler Cabernet Blanc

Visual impression

This Cabernet Blanc presents itself shiny and clear in the glass. It shines in a rich lemon yellow, underlined by light golden accents.


The aromatic impression on the nose is initially restrained, but unfolds after a little patience to a fine silky nose. Ripe red gooseberry, quince and physalis combine with acacia blossom and grapefruit zest. Aromas of white pepper and Alba truffle harmonize perfectly with nutty notes of macadamia and poppy. A hint of white chocolate crowns the fragrance of this wine.

Vorgrimmler's White Cabernet tasted

The previously sensed aroma components are mirrored on the palate, with an additional nougat dimension added to the chocolate aroma. This 2018 Cabernet Blanc from Klaus Vorgrimmler skilfully balances herbaceous green components with the ripe, explosive fruit. Delicate and polite on the one hand, yet at the same time emphatic and present. One is fascinated by the combination of herbaceousness, spiciness and accessibility. A well-considered, integrated acidity refreshes, cools and makes you want to take the next sip.

Food recommendations

This wine is an all-rounder and can accompany both the light summer cuisine, as well as stronger and more intense dishes. Well conceivable are pairings of dark and light poultry, grilled fish and young to medium-aged hard cheese. Also interesting would be a combination with grilled vegetables and even with a juicy piece of apple pig.

Vorgrimmler Cabernet Blanc: what to eat with it?

Here are a few ideas on possible dishes:

      • Sweet potato salad with chicory, apple mustard dressing and hazelnuts (Vegan)
      • Fried pike perch with cous-cous, parsley and tahini
      • Baked chicken thighs with coriander seeds, oranges and white beans

Cabernet Blanc is an insider tip

cabernet blanc is a newly bred grape variety from Switzerland. It is descended from Cabernet Sauvignon and reminds of a mixture of Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. This grape variety belongs to the so-called PIWIs, fungus-resistant varieties. When growing such grape varieties, less pesticides are needed, which improves the ecological footprint of such wines. We have a small, fine selection Organic Cabernet Blanc Wines in the shop of Living Wines.

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Contains sulfur


Winery Klaus Vorgrimmler, St. Erentrudisstraße 63, 79112 Freiburg-Munzingen / Germany, organic certificate: DE-ÖKO-022


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