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H. O. Spanier from the Battenfeld-Spanier winery founded an independent winery after his apprenticeship as a winemaker in 1991, which he has managed organically from the beginning.

The restoration and cultivation of soil vitality was and remains his most important goal, because only in this way can that which lies far ahead of us in time and will also come after us eternally become tangible: the soils. Riesling is the vision here. H. O. Spanier is a member of the "Académie Internationale du vin"a non-profit organization dedicated to the study of fine wines. His wines explore the space between acting and letting go, between reason and risk.

More about Battenfeld-Spanier

For Battenfeld-Spanier, the grape is the interpreter that translates the extremely chalky soils of the southern Wonnegau into wine.

My favorite H. O. quotes:

Every year, almost every day, is unique in viticulture. As a winemaker, I have to have forgotten everything I have ever learned and considered safe by the time I want to apply it. Otherwise there is no room for intuition.

And that is what interests me: the spectrum of aromas of the stones and the soil that is located beyond the ephemeral fruit. Dancing minerals. Salty character of origin.