Phaunus Palhete Amphora 2019


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Phaunus Palhete Amphora 2019


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Tasting note from from 31.07.2021, Copyright Marian Henß


The origin of the grapes is an intact ecosystem full of bees and insects. After harvesting, the grapes are completely destemmed, crushed and pressed according to ancient methods. Fermentation and ageing take place in clay amphorae. Without stabilisers and filtrations it found its way into the bottle.


Cloudy pomegranate red


The nose of the 2019 Phaunus Palhete is wild and merciless. Here it is immediately clear where the wild journey is heading. It smells of hibiscus blossom and the syrup from it. A little rose and apple blossom also show up. Red and yellow apples are also present. Above all, the thought of tart apple peel does not go away. Orange juice, tangerine skin and ripe blood oranges are also increasingly prominent now. Rosehip and raspberries also come to mind.


Then relatively well-behaved on the palate. Hardly any tannin, little bitterness. It is based on a taut acidity that leaves plenty of room on the right and left for yellow, red and orange aromas. As we got to know in the nose, there is a totally ambivalent fruit on the palate. At the same time, these aromas are very coherent and complement each other wonderfully. Served slightly chilled, the Phaunus Palhete is an animating, uncomplicated wine with plenty of draught. On the finish, with plenty of astringency, it makes for a correspondingly good drinking flow.

Clearly, this is a wine that knows only friends and enemies. Hate it or love it.

Food recommendations from Marian Henß

  • Jonagold apple salad with raw kohlrabi, walnuts and camelina oil vinaigrette
  • Grilled parsley root with rocket salad and PX jus
  • Smoked mackerel, herb dip and pumpernickel


Contains sulfur







Alcohol content

11% Vol.

Residual sweetness



5,6 g/l

Drinking temperature



Casa do Paco Padreiro, Rua da Casa Nova, No. 374, 4990-696 Ponte de Lima / Portugal, Organic Certificate: PT-BIO-02