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Andreas Tscheppe

Andreas Tscheppe has been going his own way since 2006. In southern Styria, on the border to Slovenia, he grows wines according to biodynamic principles. Whereby "cultivate" is not the core of his attitude. According to Tscheppe's own ideas, the wines are only accompanied by him and his wife Elisabeth "in their becoming." He listens to them, even communicates with them. From this, one may develop the overall concept of how his wines come into being: A touch of nothingness that directs the transition from chaos to formed existence.

The vineyards, which the winegrower has terraced himself in painstaking work, are truly wild and full of life. Located up to five hundred meters high, they are characterized by wild herbs, grasses, stones and - insects. And Andreas is particularly fond of insects. His wines are named after them, they correspond to their respective nature.
The wines of Andreas Tscheppe
The dragonfly line flickers, trembles and floats. The "Stag Beetle", also a Sauvignon Blanc spends most of its life underground. For the first time, we heard about a vinification method in which the wine is buried in the earth in a wooden barrel, where it matures and rests.

A new rosé made from the Pinot Noir grape is called "Weinbergsschnecke". This native of the European vineyard takes its proverbial time, but develops a cosmic glory. The "Salamander" is a Chardonnay, here called Morillon, and like its reptilian namesake, is sun-loving. It breathes in and out the rays. Flavorful with symmetrical agility and writhing power.

Despite only the slightest addition of sulphur, the wines are very long-lived. Seltbstredend is renounced to filtration, fining, any treatment.

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